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Is it love to tell people that an all-good personal God exists?  No because it is to say that people should not be valued above all but he should for he is all-good and better than us and because all good including ours is really just his.  That is putting belief before people.  Religious people and secular people have a positive right and a fundamental human right to real relationships with others instead of people just or mainly doing good for them to please God.  If it is okay to put your belief in God before people then how could hurting them in the name of God be wrong?  Principles come before being comfortable.  Keep away from religion.

If there is no God, then religion is idolatry.  Do not put human feelings before human dignity by saying it does not matter as long as you enjoy worshipping.  Is it not better to make an idol of good rather than God like atheists might do?  It is less chancy!

Religious doctrine and rules are not important.  Concern yourself with happiness and the happiness of people instead.  Learn the truth about religion for there is no justice where truth is not put first.  This is about honouring you through honouring the truth.

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In defence of Iceland banning circumcision of babies

The Bible God commands circumcision. Jesus supposedly abolished this but he made it clear that circumcision was right not wrong. It was abolished for unknown reasons - none of which were ethical reasons. Jesus did not abolish it because it was wrong - so even if a Christian does not circumcise he is not to say circumcision is a sin or wrong. He just says, "We don't do it. We don't need it." The principles that the Church sees in circumcision have supposedly being transferred to baptism which means the baptiser and the circumciser have a pots, kettles and black thing going on.
Circumcision often involves male babies but in fact can involve much older children who are cut before they can decide for themselves. Religion remember does not consider the objections of a five or six year old to be valid and he will be cut against his will. It is only luck that that is not the norm. Remember the principle. What if it were the norm? What if it will be? The Bible speaks of late mass circumcisions. Religion is too keen to get its hold on children - the idea that baptism or circumcision should be left up to the child later on is keenly resisted. We know why that is! It is about putting the social cultural religious power structure first and imposing a feigned or inauthentic membership on children is very potent.
The Bible itself says circumcision is an act of violence: "And after the whole nation had been circumcised, they remained where they were in camp until they were healed" (Joshua 5:8).
The other principle at stake is most who have undergone the practice did not have circumcisers with todays medical and ethical knowledge. Even today too many are cut by amateurs. Does a practice that led to so much harm deserve any respect?









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