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Is it love to tell people that an all-good personal God exists?  No because it is to say that people should not be valued above all but he should for he is all-good and better than us and because all good including ours is really just his.  That is putting belief before people.  Religious people and secular people have a positive right and a fundamental human right to real relationships with others instead of people just or mainly doing good for them to please God.  If it is okay to put your belief in God before people then how could hurting them in the name of God be wrong?  Principles come before being comfortable.  Keep away from religion.

If there is no God, then religion is idolatry.  Do not put human feelings before human dignity by saying it does not matter as long as you enjoy worshipping.  Is it not better to make an idol of good rather than God like atheists might do?  It is less chancy!

Religious doctrine and rules are not important.  Concern yourself with happiness and the happiness of people instead.  Learn the truth about religion for there is no justice where truth is not put first.  This is about honouring you through honouring the truth.

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I sin and do bad but I would be worse if I were not a person of faith"

Christianity says you need prayerful faith in Jesus to be a good person. Some religions say you need to be in them to be good. In some way, many faith systems say their teachings and practices have a good moral/spiritual effect. Christians say this happens to the practitioner through grace - the help of God.
No matter they explain it it sounds pompous. And it sounds pompous because it is.

Then they say the question is not: "Will Gods grace make a person of x-faith as a whole better than a person of non-x-faith? but X sins and does bad but would x be worse if they were not people of faith? But that is playing with words. It is still saying the faith person is better.

Preventing evil is more important than doing good. What use is feeding Anna when you leave her to the clutches of a rapist? So in that way the second question is more bigoted and pompous than the first one. It makes those who consider organised religion to be spiritually and morally important, responsible for the inevitable microaggression and sectarianism that will come. Those who give it cultural importance by going along with giving it their children and their schools need to take note.

I sin and do bad but I would be worse if I were not a person of faith". That is what they will say no matter how badly the religion behaves. Notice how it actually undermines their mantra, Some kill and terrorise in our name. They do not represent us or our faith. We are not all bad people. If all religion does is make me feel that I would be worse without it then that is not testable. No matter how bad I am I can say that I could be worse and it is thanks to God and the faith that I am not. It needs to be testable for it is not fair to make assumptions like that. Matters of justice need evidence. And think of how harmful it would be for you to be wrong.

No matter how bad you are you praise yourself that you use faith to stop yourself being or getting worse! And you may not realise that you cannot be in any way worse. Everybody has a limit depending on their DNA or whatever.

The mantra is just pure manipulative political style garbage.

To say, We would be worse without being in this religion and faith and without the help God gives us through it is thin. It is a trick for how do you test something so important? And even Scientologists and Satanists could use the argument and in fact do! But each religion when it uses it is only referring to itself.

It implies that a person without faith or this religion is dangerous and morally inferior in a way that a person of faith is not. It is also slandering yourself for you cant know if you would be as good or better without this faith. It is judgemental towards yourself and by implication others for they say the same as you.

For these reasons a religion should be abandoned faster than any other kind of organisation when it does bad or allows bad or uses such ridiculous and crafty logic as that! It needs to be held to a higher standard than anything else for it claims to be the moral guardian.

I sin and do bad but I would be worse if I were not a person of faith". It is obvious how thin and dubious that is! Its a disgraceful assertion.


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