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Is it love to tell people that an all-good personal God exists?  No because it is to say that people should not be valued above all but he should for he is all-good and better than us and because all good including ours is really just his.  That is putting belief before people.  Religious people and secular people have a positive right and a fundamental human right to real relationships with others instead of people just or mainly doing good for them to please God.  If it is okay to put your belief in God before people then how could hurting them in the name of God be wrong?  Principles come before being comfortable.  Keep away from religion.

If there is no God, then religion is idolatry.  Do not put human feelings before human dignity by saying it does not matter as long as you enjoy worshipping.  Is it not better to make an idol of good rather than God like atheists might do?  It is less chancy!

Religious doctrine and rules are not important.  Concern yourself with happiness and the happiness of people instead.  Learn the truth about religion for there is no justice where truth is not put first.  This is about honouring you through honouring the truth.

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How can the law excuse discrimination on religious grounds?
The reason this might be done is when religious rights and other rights are in conflict so the law must decide which side matters most. That is unworkable for one judge cannot agree with another - with a religious or secular judge there is a risk of bias.
It might be done for some people treat religious beliefs and thus religious believers as mattering more than any other kind of belief and by logical consequence believer. That is the problem with religious belief if it is made-up or man-made - it gets an honour and status it does not deserve at the expense of other beliefs. That results in the preachers and leaders and servants of the faith looking for and getting special treatment. You cannot treat one belief system differently from another without having a discriminatory attitude towards some people. The attitude leads to the question: should people get exemptions on religious grounds that is to say on the grounds of religious belief?
There are three different exemptions to talk about.
1 Specific religious exemptions

This applies to appointments that are strictly internal to the religion such as who it employs as Church staff or chooses as ministers. The Catholic Church is allowed to discriminate against transmen who want to become priests. It will discriminate against somebody who thinks that Jesus became gender fluid at the resurrection. A Mormon cannot get a job as spiritual director or chaplain in a Catholic school even if that person far exceeds their Catholic counterpart as a people person and has better potential to inspire. People are discriminated against. Ideas are discriminated against which means resolving to discriminate or discriminating against those who have the ideas. It is only luck that these problems do not arise more and more. We could just as easily waken up to a world that is crippled with such issues. We have to care about the principle or else it can or will happen.

2 Educational religious exemptions

Teachers who are polyamorous or LGBT or gender neutral may be unable to get work in a religious school. Teachers who speak of gay rights may be sacked for contradicting the ethos of the school.

3 General religious exemptions

The biggest controversy is usually over general religious exemptions. The exemption will only be considered if it is about
a  letting the religion be true to its beliefs so the beliefs must not be offended or undermined. An example is banning pro-gay films in cinemas in Christian areas.
b Fitting in with the religious beliefs. For example, letting Seventh Day Adventists have Saturday off work for it is the Sabbath day. Letting Catholics ban alcohol on Good Friday. Letting Muslim areas ban displays of the Catholic communion wafer which they consider to be idolatry.
The dangers of these exemptions is in the case is in how the Christian Brethren Church could have banned a LGBTI suicide prevention group from a campsite in Victoria used by its organisation: Christian Youth Camps.
The denial of access was not upheld by the law. The reasons were that the camp failed to prove it was really all about religion or a religious body. It was about camping more than religion in the eyes of the law. And also, their argument that LGBTI lifestyles were gravely sinful was dismissed as most people identifying as Christians would not agree. For that reason, declaring them a sin was not an essential or fundamental teaching of the Christian faith.
We cannot expect the law to investigate whether a doctrine truly came from Christ and therefore is Christian. It has to go along with what many self-declared Christians say. It is true that Mormonism is not Christianity but for the purpose of the law it has to be treated as Christianity. It has to take the Mormon's word for it. That raises problems. The content of the belief does not matter enough to justify discrimination. Thus a Catholic school cannot really have the right to oust a teacher who becomes Mormon and starts preaching that God is a polygamous man and not a universal spirit.
Another danger of the exemption is that there is more to a religion than just praying and believing. Religion for Christians is about the whole of life so they offer even their eating and drinking to God. Thus even a janitor who hates the idea of God but who says nothing can be a problem in a Catholic school as he is seen as blocking God from acting in him.


Nothing changes the fact that the law has no right to punish anybody for holding a belief be it religious or otherwise. But it does have the right within limits to stop you acting on your belief. The right to live by a belief be it religious or whatever is qualified.  If people would become secular and stop getting involved with organised religion there would be no problem.








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